Equilibre - Sarah Sissons

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Sarah offers several wellness activities throughout the year: reflexology, wellness massages, and pilates.
During a treatment the reflexologist uses specific techniques and controlled pressure on reflex points on the feet (or hands). This stimulates the body to achieve its own state of equilibrium, relaxation and good health. All treatments are holistic in their approach taking into account the interaction of the mind and emotions with the physical body. Also the client’s lifestyle and personal history are inherent factors. The treatment is effective and non-invasive, helping re-vitalise and restore energy, thus enabling you to start another day feeling refreshed. A treatment lasts for 60 mins. In that time the whole body is treated through the feet (or hands).


All treatments last 1 hour 80€ Massage 1 hour treatment 80€ and 30 min treatment 40€ Pilates : Individual 1 hour sessions 60€ / Single Sessions joining a group class 15€


Chef-lieu, Village, 73640, Sainte-Foy-Tarentaise
All year round.